Pali Adventures Watersports Camp for Kids and Teens

Splash into action with Pali Adventures Watersports Camp! Those sizzling summer days are just around the corner. It's time to pack the waterskis, wakeboards, wakeskates, kneeboards and Jet Skis and head for cooler waters. Pali's water activities take place on Big Bear Lake, a short 40-minute drive from Pali's scenic campgrounds. No matter your skill level, we have a water-sport activity for you.

What is Kneeboarding and How is it Different from Waterskiing or Wakeboarding?

Kneeboards allow you to catch some air without even standing. They are slightly different from water skis as they have indentations for the shins and knees, which make them the ideal choice for beginners learning to balance while being towed. The low center of gravity and low wind resistance makes it easier for riders to hold on and get to a kneeling position on the water. But just because you're on your knees doesn't mean you won’t have a blast at our Watersports Camp! Even the novice catches air and can learn do 360s and other tricks!

What is Wakeboarding and Wake Skating?

Wakeboarding had its start in Australia and New Zealand and was originally called skurfing as it combined skills used in both waterskiing, and surfing. The wakeboard is constructed with bindings to hold your feet in place, so no matter where you go your board goes with you. This makes tricks a lot easier because you and the board move together as one. The wake skate is similar to the wakeboard but it's more like a water skateboard. Your feet aren't strapped down, it's smaller, and a lot lighter. While you don't have that sense of being connected with the board, you do have a lot more freedom. This allows you to move around the board to do some pretty amazing tricks.

Is Tubing Actually a Watersport?

We're not talking about merely floating around in a water tube—at Pali’s Watersports Camp, we have a number of inflatable devices that allow you to speed, bump, and skim across the lake. The cool thing is that anyone can go tubing! All you need are some lungs, a good belly laugh, and the ability to hold on tight. The best part is that you don't have to go it alone—your friends can ride along with you.

If your idea of fun in the sun isn't complete without a splash, come join us this summer at Pali Adventures Watersports Summer Camp for Kids and Teens. Don't miss this opportunity to meet new friends while learning water sports in the extreme!