Spy & Secret Agent Camp

Spy Games meet Extreme Paintball Adventure in this Camp!

Are you drawn to a life of danger and excitement? Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a secret agent? Before joining the highly esteemed ranks of the CIA or FBI, come to Pali’s overnight secret agent camp in Southern California to see what a career in international intelligence and espionage is all about! Kids and teens receive spy training and play secret agent games to become the next James Bond, 007.

Master a critical repertoire of undercover agent skills - all while having the absolute time of your life! As a future special agent, you will have full access to our extensive and extreme paintball camp facility, featuring 5 different paintball fields. Improve your marksmanship by participating in Riflery and Archery, drive ATVs and motorbikes to master the high-speed chase, and conquer our obstacle courses and ropes course challenges to prove you are ready for anything! Earn your stripes by completing each day’s special mission with your team of fellow agents.

Here at Pali’s secret agent camp, the fun — and the thrill of secrecy — is nonstop! Boys and girls can enjoy one or two weeks of this action-packed summer spy camp adventure.

One-week session:
Spend a week undercover learning how to be a secret agent and emerge well-schooled in stealth tactics, paintball strategy, high speed chases, strength, agility, and zipline expertise. Develop essential secret agent skills like teamwork and hand-eye coordination while enjoying these exhilarating, fun activities:

Two-week session – Spec Ops:
Now it is time to truly put your newfound skills to the test and commence special operations on your very own mission impossible. Here is what another week of Pali’s secret agent camp promises:

  • Shoot at targets while flying through the air
  • Longer and bigger paintball and laser tag battles
  • Rapid room entry and room-clearing
  • Night time laser tag
  • Secret overnight mission
  • Code deciphering, orienteering, & field communications

If your child can’t get enough paintball and you’re looking for a fantastic sleepaway summer camp with a spy theme, Pali Adventures’ Secret Agent Camp is ready to deliver!

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