Performing Camps

If stepping on stage, getting in front of the camera, performing magic tricks, or mixing behind the decks is your idea of a good time, then look no further…Pali’s performing summer camps provide ample opportunity to learn, create, practice and share your art with fellow campers!

  • Acting Camp - Whether your theatrical dreams are tied to the stage or silver screen, Pali’s California theater camp will help you tap into your natural talents and hone acting tools and techniques. Complete with performances and headshots, your time at Pali’s Acting Camp will set you on the road to stardom!
  • Broadcast Journalism Camp - For those who want to be the next Andersen Cooper or Katie Couric, come to Pali’s Broadcast Journalism Camp to learn the inner workings of running a news network! Report, write, direct and produce your own stories at Pali’s very own station, KPAL!
  • Dance Camp - Groove your way to new jazz, ballet, hip-hop, free form and contemporary moves at Pali’s dance summer camp! Between intensive classes, choreographing and performing your own piece, enjoy a little slice of life as a professional dancer when you perform for the whole camp!
  • DJ Camp - Spin and sample your way to DJ glory! Learn various scratching and beat matching techniques — and then show off your new skills to the Pali audience and play your very own set at the Thursday night dance!
  • Magic Camp - Brand new for summer 2015! Astound and amaze everyone you know with all the cool magic tricks you'll be learning at camp this summer!
  • Rock Star Camp - Get a taste of rock star fame as you write songs and perform your favorites for the whole camp! Instrument practice, vocal instruction and much more at our California music camp will help catapult you to rock stardom!

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