Leadership Camps

Learning to lead is one of life’s most crucial skills. As our young campers grow and begin to approach adulthood, honing their leadership qualities becomes all the more important. Here at Pali’s Leadership and Counselor-in-Training Programs, we teach using the most effective method possible — FUN! By actively engaging our fifteen and sixteen-year-old leadership summer camp participants in physical challenges and thought-provoking initiatives, we help develop their abilities to think outside the box and cultivate a sense of purpose and responsibility — all while they have the time of their lives!

  • Leadership Camp - Participating in night hikes, paintball missions, team building workshops, ropes course challenges and discussions regarding successful world leaders, our fifteen-year-old leadership campers begin to tap into talents and new skills that will help them to excel in high school, college and beyond! Afternoon elective activities under the sun ramp up the fun factor!
  • Counselor-in-Training - For those special campers who want to follow in the footsteps of their inspiring camp counselors, Pali’s CIT program in our California leadership camp is the place to be! In addition to fostering the same skills that are the focus of our Leadership Camp, CITs enjoy a wealth of hands-on experience, including first aid and CPR training, assisting summer camp staff with crafting activities and guiding younger campers. This program is all about transforming today’s fantastic campers into tomorrow’s stellar staff!

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