Hollywood Stunt Camp

Learn Movie Stunts at Camp this Summer!

Fall, tumble and fight! These are just a few of the awesome moves you will master here at Pali Adventures’ Hollywood Stunt Camp for kids and teens. Learn how to be a stuntman from industry professionals who will ensure your safety as you work your way up the difficulty ladder from shoulder rolls to high falls. Discover what it's like to be a true Hollywood stuntman while at our stunt summer camp in California!

One-week session: Transform into a world-class stunt action hero as you learn from professional stuntmen. Hollywood pros will train you to do the following:

Two-week Session: Push your boundaries with even more extreme stunts with a second week at stunt school! Since such incredible stunts are meant for the movies, you will collaborate with Pali’s Film Camp participants to design and perform stunts in their original films! Get your first taste of what being a Hollywood stunt artist in a real movie would be like. A two-week session of kids stunt training includes:

  • All one-week session activities, PLUS...
  • High fall from a 28-foot tower
  • Refine your stunt technique
  • Direct, design, and choreograph your very own stunt show spectacular
  • Present your stunt show at the Pali Showcase
  • And much more!

After five days of mastering stunt techniques, campers get to show off their skills to the entire summer camp at the Pali Showcase! Our weekly show is complete with high falls, sugar glass stunts and awe-inspiring flips; our Hollywood Stunt Camp heroes will truly amaze and astound!

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