Flying Trapeze & Aerial Arts Camp

Learn Flying Trapeze and Aerial Arts at Circus Summer Camp!

Come fly with us! Flying Trapeze Camp is one of Pali’s newest and most thrilling specialties. Cirque du Soleil has brought the magical world of acrobats and aerial arts to the masses, and now we at Pali Adventures are incredibly proud to share those high-flying skills with you at our circus summer camp for kids and teens! This overnight aerial arts camp adventure is located in Southern California. Our staff of professional trapeze instructors and aerial artists will teach you how to safely and gracefully swing your way through the blue Pali skies. Between the trapeze, lyra and aerial silks, our circus arts camp and flying trapeze school has something for every spirit that longs to soar:

  • Trapeze lessons from professional aerialists
  • Access to our flying trapeze outdoor rig (with net)
  • Lyra (aerial hoop) lessons
  • Aerial ribbon lessons
  • Develop strength, flexibility and balance while learning aerial techniques

Under the supervision of industry professionals, boys and girls develop not only their own trapeze skills and aerial prowess, but also get the thrill of challenging and pushing personal boundaries — all while strengthening their bodies, minds and spirits at summer camp! Whether you are a complete beginner or already have some trapeze or aerial experience, Flying Trapeze Camp is designed to take you to the next level. With our incredible staff dedicated to teaching you everything from the basic fundamentals of the aerial and circus arts to more advanced and skillful moves, you will soon be hanging, flying, catching and more!

Want to see some more video footage of our Flying Trapeze Campers in action? Click Here!


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