Fashion Camp

A Summer Camp Specialty all about Fashion Design!

Watch out, Project Runway – Pali Adventures’ Fashion Camp in California is creating dozens of up-and-coming fashion designer kids who are sure to give your contestants a serious run for their money! Our sleepaway fashion design camp gives kids and teens the chance to work with fashion industry professionals. Boys and girls are taught an array of important design skills, including pattern making, stitching and sewing on machines - so that they can bring their visions to life at camp! Heidi Klum, just you wait and see what our fashion camp graduates can do! Here’s a sample:

  • Design clothing from scratch
  • Use sewing patterns
  • Learn fashion design basics
  • Create mood boards, sketches and illustrations
  • Have fun Bedazzling
  • Learn sewing tips and stitching techniques
  • Understand how clothing fits and flows on the human body
  • Create pants, handbags, shirts and dresses
  • Show off your work for the entire camp at the Pali Showcase

With five days of designing garments, cutting fabric and threading bobbins under their (very chic) belts, Pali’s Fashionistas get to strut their styles down the catwalk of the very special Pali Summer Fashion Camp Showcase! Modeling their own creations, campers show them off to friends and counselors at this lively and well-loved event. If you daydream of seeing your name plastered across the pages of Vogue, then Pali’s Fashion Camp is the perfect fit for you!

Check out some awesome video footage of our Fashion Campers from last summer in action!


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