Extreme Action Adventure Camp

Extreme Sports Dominate this Summer Camp!

If life in the fast lane is your thing, we have just the summer camp for you – Pali Adventures’ Extreme Action Camp in Southern California! Extreme Sports meet the great outdoors - to deliver you the most adrenaline-pumped, fun-filled week you can imagine! Under the attentive supervision of our expertly trained staff, Pali's Extreme Action campers will indulge in the most heart-pounding, dirt-filled, high-speed action sports experiences available. If your kids and teens are looking for an action camp, adventure camp or any type of extreme sports camp, we can deliver!

Extreme Action is all about trying activities that push you to the limit, with no previous experience necessary! When you choose this popular specialty at Pali, the following action-packed activities are sure to make you scream with excitement:

Here at Pali’s Extreme Action Camp, each day is packed full of exhilarating and wild outdoor adventures like these! It’s nothing but action – all day, every day!! Whether learning skateboarding tips at our skate park, kicking up dust on an ATV, rock wall climbing, or flying high on ziplines, our extreme action campers get a taste of the best Pali has to offer. With countless activities, every day will be different — but always extreme fun!

Check out some awesome video footage of last year's Extreme Action Campers!


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