Creative Camps

Whether your passion is food, fashion, art, film, make-up or science, Pali’s six creative summer camps promise to get those artistic juices flowing! At each of these creative camps, the only limitation is your own imagination!

  • Culinary Camp - Follow the flavors here at our California cooking camp! After learning how to prepare every course imaginable utilizing global ingredients and spices, our culinary campers will make mouth-watering, magical meals in an “Iron Chef” style competition. Yum!
  • Fashion Design Camp - Envision styles, create patterns, sew garments and model your creations here at Pali’s California fashion design camp! There is no better place to kickstart a career in fashion design, or just to have fun creating!
  • Fine Arts Camp - Brand new for summer 2015! If you love to draw, paint, sketch, create, or just create cool artistic projects, welcome home!
  • Film Camp - Come to Pali’s film summer camp today, so you can learn the skills you need to have your own red carpet premier tomorrow! This summer specialty is designed for those of you who want to write, direct and produce your way to the Oscars!
  • Movie Make-up Camp - Whether going for Hollywood glamour or monstrous mayhem, you will learn how to create it all at our California beauty camp! Professional movie make-up artists will teach you how to artfully apply stage make-up and craft original disguises, so that you can transform your fellow campers into characters fit for film!
  • Wacky Science - Join us this summer for our awesome wacky-science workshop where you’ll learn about the science of exothermic chemical reactions—and you’ll actually get to blow things up! Slip Mentos into soda, launch rockets over 100 feet into the sky, and create potions that fizz, slither and stink — some of them you can even eat!

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