CIT & Leadership Camp

Teen Leadership Training meets Summer Camp Fun!

Here at Pali Adventures’ youth leadership and counselor-in-training (CIT) summer camp in California, teenagers participate in a variety of hands-on activities, workshops and challenges centered around our T.R.A.I.L. philosophy. These activities are designed to encourage campers to push personal boundaries, enabling them to evolve into effective, exceptional leaders. Teens learn communication skills and the mindset needed to become the best leaders they can be!

Leadership and CIT campers work together closely throughout the week to develop their leadership skills and mentor younger campers, and CIT’s take on a more prominent leadership role. The best part? Spend each afternoon having the time of your life enjoying all the incredible, fun, and thrilling activities we have to offer at Pali Adventures summer camp, like paintball, ziplines, and ATVs! It’s the best of both worlds!

Leadership Camp - for 15 year olds
Pali is a fantastic summer camp environment, the perfect setting for teens to go behind the scenes of camp and participate in youth leadership training and development. We create the perfect balance between having the fun of a camper and learning the skills of a great leader or counselor.

  • Hone leadership skills that will serve in college and beyond
  • Learn how to be a leader at Pali
  • Develop a clear sense of purpose and responsibility
  • Practice team building, creative thinking, teamwork games and conflict resolution
  • Ground-based and high ropes challenges
  • Learn how to “belay” others on the ropes course
  • Take night hikes
  • Referee paintball missions
  • Discuss world leaders’ secrets to success
  • Select afternoon electives

Counselor in Training (CIT) - for 16-year-olds * Special Price of $1,300/week *
Have you ever seen your favorite camp counselor in action and thought, “I could do that!” If your dream job is being a summer camp counselor, this is the leadership training camp program for you! Great campers learn how to become even better counselors with Pali’s CIT summer camp program. Participate in all of the above Leadership Camp activities, with some special extra opportunities to learn and take on more responsibilities around Pali.

  • Take classes in age characteristics counseling techniques, group dynamics and organizational skills
  • Learn basic First Aid and CPR training
  • Engage in hands-on experience working with and mentoring our younger campers
  • Design, plan, and execute an afternoon elective
  • Assist staff with the Thursday night dance
  • Receive lessons taken directly from Pali’s staff orientation (this is the same training the counselors receive!)

Our Leadership and Counselor in Training specialty camps offer teens the chance to have an absolute blast at summer camp, yet come away with leadership skills that will bring lasting benefits to every aspect of their lives.

Click to see video footage of last year's CIT and Leadership campers in action!

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