DJ Camp

Learn How to DJ at Summer Camp!

It doesn’t get much cooler than this! Scratch, sample, stutter and spin sweet tunes on virtual turntables in one of Pali’s newest specialties - DJ Camp! So, what is a DJ? At Pali’s DJ Summer Camp you'll find out firsthand as you perform live in front of a built-in audience of your fellow campers! All of you aspiring club DJs and music producers out there will learn how to DJ, take classes in the fundamentals of rhythm and timing, and learn a slew of awesome new skills. Conquer beat matching and song dropping as you learn the tools of the trade, and discover what it takes to properly rock the decks! DJ school for kids and teens meets awesome summer camp fun at Pali Adventures in Southern California!

  • Develop your own DJ persona
  • MC meals & other events
  • World-class equipment and software
  • Industry Professionals as your DJ instructors
  • Tear up the Pali dance as you perform your own DJ set and mix music for your friends at camp
  • Learn the hottest DJ Tips and practical techniques

Our DJ campers have a blast every week entertaining the whole camp! Throughout your stay, you will have ample opportunities to display your new sonic skills, performing during mealtimes and before evening activities. You'll experience the ultimate DJ gig when you get to throw down your own set and DJ the music for your fellow campers at Pali’s epic Thursday night dance! Feel the exhilaration of looking out on the crowd, with their feet stomping and faces smiling. DJ Camp today, Master Mixer tomorrow!

Check out more awesome video footage of our DJ's in action here!


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