Broadcast Camp

Kids learn journalism at summer camp!

Calling all future reporters, news writers, directors and producers! Charged with running KPAL News, Pali’s very own Broadcast Journalism Camp news station, campers will learn what it takes to make a news network like CNN tick! Creating and hosting a nightly news program for the fellow campers provides our aspiring broadcast journalists with a wealth of practical hands-on experience. Here’s a snapshot of our broadcast schedule and camp activities:

  • Research and write news stories
  • Read and interview on-camera
  • Produce on-location segments
  • Operate cameras
  • Learn audio and lighting skills
  • Learn journalistic ethics

It’s not only fellow Pali campers who get to experience KPAL’s nightly broadcasts. Proud parents of our Broadcast Journalism Camp participants are able to see firsthand the skills their kids are learning. This is because KPAL’s evening news program is posted online each night, spreading Pali News throughout the world! Whether interviewing staff about the quirks of their chosen specialties or covering the Friday Night Showcase, broadcast campers learn how to run a live news network, both in front of and behind the camera, giving them a leg up and motivation to obtain a journalism job later in life. When it comes to experiencing the ins and outs of the world of broadcast news, Pali’s Broadcast Journalism Summer Camp is the place to be!


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