Summer Camp 2014

If EXTRAordinary is what you are seeking in a summer camp experience, then look no further — Pali Adventures summer camp programs have it all! With seventeen different specialty programs, the opportunities for a summer full of fabulous fun and personal progress are limitless. No matter which specialty you choose from amongst our Action, Creative, Performing and Leadership Camps, Pali Adventures summer camp programs will deliver an epic summer camp experience!

Action Camps

Whether flashing through the sky on a 227-foot zip line, performing a stunt fall from a 32-foot high tower, racing mini-bikes on our custom-built tracks, flipping through the air from a trapeze or gracefully gliding across the cool waters of Big Bear Lake, Pali Adventures Action Camps will make your heads spin and hearts pound with nonstop excitement!

  • Extreme Action Camp - Whether under water, on land or high up in the sky, there is no shortage of extreme adventure at this camp!
  • Flying Trapeze Camp and Aerial Arts Camp - Let the flying trapeze, lyra and aerial ribbon enable you to soar and swing through the sun-drenched skies!
  • Girl Power Extreme Camp - This camp proves you can be fearless and feminine all at the same time! Heat up with extreme action sports, and then cool down with a relaxing spa treatment.
  • Hollywood Stunt Camp - Let the Hollywood professionals teach you how to master those sweet maneuvers you always see on the silver screen!
  • Motorsports Camp - Leave the others in the dust as you race ATVs, mini-bikes, go-karts and more across Pali’s customized tracks!
  • Secret Agent Camp - Through activities such as paintball challenges, high ropes courses and nighttime laser tag, learn what it takes to become a covert agent!
  • Watersports Camp - Stay cool while waterskiing, gliding, tubing, wakeboarding and more across Pali’s breathtaking mountain lake!

Creative Camps

Tap into and nurture your inner artist! Using food, film, fashion design and movie make-up as our artistic mediums, Pali Adventures creative summer camps will foster infinite expression and imagination!

  • Culinary Camp - Let your taste buds and our culinary professionals guide you, as you learn how to prepare delicious dishes from all over the globe!
  • Fashion Design Camp - Kickstart your career in fashion design as you learn how to create clothes, from fabric selection to runway modeling!
  • Film Camp - Prepare yourself for the red carpet, as you learn how to write, direct and produce a film!
  • Movie Make-up Camp - Transform your follow campers into icons of glamour or ghoulish monsters under the tutelage of professional Hollywood make-up artists!
  • Wacky Science Camp - You’ll experiment with chemical reactions, explore the science behind explosions, and learn some of the basics of physics and states of matter—all while having an absolute blast!

Performing Camps

Lights, camera, action! Pali Adventures offers a glimpse into the real worlds of professional acting, dancing, music, DJing and broadcast journalism through its Performing Camps. Perfect your craft through practice and, of course, performance! You will grace the eyes and ears of your fellow campers with your newfound skills!

  • Acting Camp - Hone your acting skills here at Pali’s acting summer camp to become your generation’s Katherine Hepburn or Spencer Tracy!
  • Broadcast Journalism Camp - Report, write, direct and produce the news stories of the day at Pali’s very own station, KPAL!
  • Dance Camp - Get into the groove, and choreograph and perform your very own jazz, ballet, hip hop and free form moves here at Pali’s dance summer camp!
  • Club DJ Camp - Scratch, beat match and bring the Pali house down with your live DJ set at our weekly dance!
  • Rockstar Camp - Savor rock stardom by songwriting, playing, singing and performing your newest hits!

Leadership Camps

Transition from camper to counselor, and learn what it takes to be a strong, effective leader at Pali and beyond! Pali Adventures Leadership Camps will help our fifteen and sixteen-year-old campers to cultivate crucial life and leadership skills through a wide range of activities, workshops and training, all with one common denominator — fun!

  • Leadership Camp - Strengthen your body and expand your mind with activities such as rope course challenges, nighttime hikes and lessons on effective world leaders to develop talents that will take you far!
  • Counselor-in-Training Camp - Pali Adventures CIT summer camp program is devoted to training our future staff the Pali way → a unique blend of safe, creative, adventurous and awesome!