Enrolled Parent's Center

Welcome to our Enrolled Parent's Center! Useful travel and contact information is below, but the main event is access to our all-new Pali Portal. Everything you need to stay connected to your camper while they are having a blast at camp is in one secure place. Here are a few of the exciting features:

  • View new camp photos daily
  • Sign up to be notified whenever new photos or other media that may include your camper are posted
  • Download any photos and media from your camper’s session
  • Easily share photos of your camper to social media
  • Send your camper a quick email anytime (one way service)
  • Send your camper a care package with a personal message

Enrolled families will receive an email with a secure login link - so keep an eye out for it! If your camper is already at camp and you don't have access, click through anyway and request a new link.

Looking for photo galleries from your camper's previous years? Click Here.

Contact Our Staff:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Below we have provided the contact information for each of our department leaders. We look forward to answering your questions.


Boys Head Counselor

(909) 867-5743 x366

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Girls Head Counselor

(909) 867-5743 x367

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"Raspberry","Peaches", & "Honeydew"


(909) 867-5743 x214

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Transportation Director

(909) 867-5743 x363

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Amy Walker

Assistant Director

(909) 867-5743 x215

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Assistant Director

(909) 867-5743 x242

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Daniel Hammond


(909) 867-5743 x261

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Assistant Director

(909) 867-5743 x369

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