Leadership Team

Pali Adventures’ dedicated year-round staff spend every day answering questions, planning and preparing for the upcoming summer season, traveling all over the country recruiting summer staff and meeting potential campers and their families, offering guided tours of our facility, and so much more. Every summer they are joined by caring, responsible administrative staff who work tirelessly to make sure that every week runs smoothly and every camper’s experience is absolutely incredible. We’d like to introduce our fantastic leadership team to you:

Daniel "Hamms" Hammond
Camp Director

With 8 summers spent at Pali, “Hamms” is extremely excited to return for his second year as camp director. What began as a year abroad for an Australian school teacher quickly became a passion and a full time career. He is already hard at work planning our 21 specialty programs, recruiting the best possible summer staff, and expanding our elective program. Daniel is tremendously caring and completely dedicated to providing the best possible camp experience for every camper.
(909) 867-5743 x261

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Amy Walker
Assistant Director and Parent Liaison

As a former Pali parent, and with a background in Early Childhood Development, Amy understands your concerns and would love to speak to you personally about your child coming to camp. She is there to assist parents every step of the way, from the enrollment process to arrivals and departures. If any questions come to mind as you learn more about Pali, please call Amy and ask – she is a goldmine of information!
(909) 867-5743 x215

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Jesse "Mars" Edwards
Assistant Director

At the camp director's right hand year round, Jesse assists in the planning of summer camp. He also facilitates and organizes our extensive hiring process, which includes calling 3 references for each camp counselor, conducting interviews and background checks, and making sure all necessary materials are received from new hires long before camp begins. Jesse has been with us at Pali for many years, as a camp counselor in our Rock Star specialty (he happens to be a fabulous musician!) and in our Outdoor Education program.
(909) 867-5743 x226

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Andy Wexler

While finishing his Degree in Economics and International Relations at UCLA, Andy Wexler had a dream. He talked about creating the ultimate summer camp combining the community, role models and traditions he had experienced as a child at camp with the most cutting edge, exciting and engaging activities.

Pali Adventures is now proudly celebrating our 25th anniversary, as well as 15 years at our Running Springs location. Andy’s dream of creating the ultimate summer camp has come true and continues to expand year after year. His vision for Pali remains constant - the best staff, expert activity instructors, the benefits of a traditional summer overnight camp and an extraordinary facility, all combined with the most incredible specialty programs on the planet.

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Don Fullmer
Executive Chef

Don has over 30 years of experience in baking, fine dining, American, Italian, Mexican, Asian, sushi and Hawaiian foods. He has led Pali Adventures in our commitment to providing campers with the very best dining at any summer camp, and is the reason our food can be described truthfully as “award winning.” For more about Don’s amazing cooking and meals at Pali, check out Dining.

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