Action Adventure Camps

For those of you drawn to high velocity, adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding excitement, you will find it all at Pali Adventures! With eight different action adventure camps to choose from, the possibilities for thrilling fun under the sun are positively boundless! For more information, click on one of the following Action Camps below for some extreme adventure this summer!

  • Extreme Action Camp - If you seek out excitement on land, under water, and high up in the trees, this extreme adventure camp is for you! Whether shredding it up in our skate park, flipping off inflatables in Pop’s Pond or cruising our radical 227-foot zip line, you are sure to have the most extreme time of your life at our Extreme Action Camp!
  • Fantasy L.A.R.P. Camp - Brand new for summer 2015! Create your own hero and embark on a Live Action Role Playing Adventure!
  • Flying Trapeze Camp - For those who like to flip, fly and swing high in the sky for hours on end, this specialty camp was designed just for you! Following in the footsteps of generations of circus performers, learn how to soar on the flying trapeze, lyra, and aerial ribbon!
  • Girl Power Camp - If you take your adventure with a twist of femininity, look no further than Pali’s exclusive girls camp! From morning paintball fights and ATV rides to afternoon yoga and spa sessions, your appetite for both extreme outdoor adventure and female bonding will be fully satisfied!
  • Hollywood Stunts Camp - Master some seriously awesome stunt maneuvers in this extreme camp. Beginning with the fundamentals, such as safe landing techniques, you will progress to more heart-pounding and extreme moves—including a high fall from a 32-foot tower!
  • Motorsports Camp - If super fast, loud racing machines are more your speed, then this action adventure camp will undoubtedly deliver. With ATVs, mini-bikes, soap box racing, go-karts and three of our very own custom-built racetracks, Pali’s Motorsports Camp will certainly offer you a wild ride!
  • Secret Agent Camp - Live a life of clandestine danger at Pali Adventures' spy camp! Train and prepare yourself for undercover operations with paintball marksmanship, martial arts and 53-foot rock wall scaling - soon you will be ready for your first covert assignment!
  • Watersports Camp - When the sun is blazing hot, what better way to be extreme than to race across the crystal waters of Big Bear Lake! Whether riding a jetski, steering a sailboat or being pulled behind by one of our awesome speedboats on skis or a wakeboard, our Watersports adventure camp will keep you cool.

If you love extreme action and adventure, you will not be disappointed in any of our Action Camps! The fun is non-stop in any of our eight thrilling options - each day is sure to provide you with the experience of your life! Also check out our Creative, Leadership, and Performing Camps!